PRISE - privacy & security

Privacy and Security
Privacy enhancing shaping of security research and technology –
A participatory approach to develop acceptable and accepted principles
for European Security Industries and Policies

PRISE Final Conference – AGENDA
Towards privacy enhancing security technologies – the next steps
28th and 29th of April 2008
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Dr. Ignaz Seipel-Platz 2
Vienna, Austria

Monday, April 28th — Plenary Program (Sitzungssaal, 1st floor)
09:00 Registration (Aula)

Opening by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Schuster, President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Privacy and security in FP7
By Christiane Bernard, Head of Sector Security Research, European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry

PRISE: Introduction to PRISE
By Johann Čas, Institute of Technology Assessment, Vienna, Austria, PRISE coordinator


Privacy and Security

Privacy, an unsolved term?
Keynote by Rene von Schomberg, Scientific Officer, European Commission, DG RTD
Science and Technology foresight

Present and future challanges to privacy and security (PRIO policy brief 5/2008 based on presentation)
Keynote by J. Peter Burgess, research professor and security programme leader at the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO). Editor of the journal "Security Dialogue"

PRISE: Future scenarios of new security technologies in everyday life
By Christine Hafskjold, The Norwegian Board of Technology, PRISE partner

Morning session moderator: Walter Peissl, Institute of Technology Assessment, Vienna, Austria, PRISE partner

12:00-13:00 Lunch (Aula)
13:00-14:00 Assessing Privacy

Involving citizens in assessing dilemmas of privacy and security
Keynote by Ian Brown, research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford University, and honorary senior lecturer at University College London

PRISE: Results from the European citizen consultation
By Anders Jacobi, The Danish Board of Technology, PRISE partner

Tools for enhancing privacy

Constructing realistic and useful criteria for the development of security technology
Keynote by Peter Hustinx, European Data Protection Supervisor

PRISE: Presentation of criteria
By Maren Raguse, Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, and Walter Peissl, Institute of Technology Assessment, Vienna, Austria, both PRISE partners

Implementing criteria in the production of security technology
Keynote by Sachar Paulus, Chief Security Officer of SAP

Afternoon session moderator: Tore Tennøe, The Norwegian Board of Technology, PRISE partner

15:30-16:00 Break and Refreshments (Aula)

Next Steps
Presentation of a Statement Paper by a member of the PRISE Advisory Panel

Panel discussion
Directions for future security technology research and security policies in Europe

Plenary discussion

Conference panel / primary discussants:
Birgitte Kofoed Olsen, Director of Department, The Danish Institute for Human Rights (HR), member of PRISE advisory panel
Christiane Bernard, Head of Sector Security Research, European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry
Ben Hayes, London Metropolitan University and Statewatch
Stephen McCartney, Head of Data Protection Promotion, Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), UK

Moderator: Lars Klüver, The Danish Board of Technology, PRISE partner

17:00 Reception (Aula)
Tuesday, April 29th — Workshops
09:30 Registration (Aula)

WS1 Technology: Security Technologies
Sitzungssaal, 1st floor

Vincent Brochier: The EuropCop project
The impact of the social, legal and ethical aspects in the implementation of ICT dedicated to the pedestrian police officer
Fanny Coudert: Interconnection of video surveillance networks
Balancing the needs for increased security and the respect of the fundamental data protection principles of finality, proportionality and transparency.
Anne Kets: Technological trends in screening and security measures
Mario Savastano: How privacy issues have been approached in a EC funded integrated project concerning biometric technologies

Moderator: Christine Hafskjold

WS2 Policy: Security policy and privacy
Clubraum, ground floor

Colin Bennett: Privacy Impact Assessments
What are they and how can they be made to work?
Ian Brown: A distinctive European approach to privacy and security
Hana Pechackova: Promoting data protection by Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Moderator: Walter Peissl

12:00-13:00 Lunch (Aula)

WS3 Technology: PETS design aspects
Sitzungssaal, 1st floor

Andreas Pfitzmann: Biometrics - how to put to use and how not at all?
Leon Hempel: Towards new design practices for security technologies?
A. A. Adams: Privacy by design - the "whole system" approach
John Borking: Organizational Adoption of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET)

Moderator: Johann Čas

WS4 Policy: Ethics and security
Clubraum, ground floor

Katja Stoppenbrink:
"Big brother on my desk"
Can office surveillance systems be compatible with privacy protection at the workplace? A question of legal clarity and corporate responsibility.
Sandro Gaycken:
Technological opposition as an ethical duty
Elin Palm:
Ethical aspects of information security
Gloria Gonzalez-Fuster:
Law, justice and ethics for pre-emptive security practices

Moderator: Maren Raguse

15:00-15:30 Break and Refreshments (Aula)

WS5 Technology: PETS in practice
Sitzungssaal, 1st floor

Marit Hansen: Concepts of user-centric identity management for privacy-enhancing security technologies
Armgard von Reden, Jan Camenisch, Matthias Schunter, Phil Janson: Privacy-enhancing technologies at IBM
Henrik Granau: RFIDsec - the RFID chip designed to meet known privacy and security issues

Moderator: Ida Leisner

WS6 Policy: Society and security
Clubraum, ground floor

Vincenzo Pavone: The privacy vs. security dilemma in a risk society
Holger Floeting: Privacy, public life and security technologies
Niels Elgaard Larsen: The Polippix Project – Tools for Privacy

Moderator: Anders Jacobi

17:00-18:00 Come Together / Farewell Drinks (Aula)


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