PRISE - privacy & security

Project presentations and descriptions

One-page project descriptions in English and the national languages of the PRISE partners

Project deliverables

WP2 – Identifying relevant security technologies and measures

This report has been produced in Work Package 2 on Security Technologies. It the presents the technology model used in the PRISE project. It shows that security applications draw on many different basic technologies and in doing so they also inherit the risks to privacy intrinsic to those technologies. The identified basic technologies are: Communication technology, Sensors, Biometric technology, Data storage and Analysis and Decision support. A number of System examples are given to illustrate some of the application areas.

WP4 – Development of implementation scenarios

This document presents some scenarios showing how security technologies and surveillance may be used in everyday situations in the near future. In the scenario text we introduce some facts about the different technologies, to help you understand how they work today and their potential for the future. The purpose of these scenarios has not been to try to tell what the future will look like. They try to describe some appealing and some discomforting aspects related to the use of security technology and means.

The scenarios were a major input for the participatory Technology Assessment activities in six European countries. For this purpose they were translated into the languages of the countries comprised by the interview meetings (Austria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Norway and Spain). In additions, illustrations were produced to supplement the scenarios.

WP5 – Participatory Technology Assessment

This deliverable is the English version of the questionnaire and the interview guidelines used for the participatory activities, the six national interview meetings. For each meeting the questionnaire and the interview guidelines have been translated into the national languages of the involved countries. This English version has been the basis version that has been translated into Norwegian, German (for both Germany and Austria with slight adjustments to take into consideration language differences), Hungarian, Spanish and Danish. The six versions of the questionnaire in national languages are made available in the annexes to the reports from the national interview meetings.

National reports on Interview Meetings

These documents summarise the results of the interview meetings in six European countries. The interview meetings are the core element of the participatory activities within the PRISE project involving citizens of different nations. For the interested reader more details on the interview meetings are made available in the Annexes to these reports, containing information on Demographic data of the pparticipants, Program of the interview meeting, Material sent to the participants, Questionnaire and interview guide, Transcript of group interviews, Frequency tables and Comments on the questionnaire by the participants; most of this information is provided in the original language of the involved country.

Annexes to the national reports