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PRISE stands for:
Privacy enhancing shaping of security research and technology – A participatory approach to develop acceptable and accepted principles for European Security Industries and Policies

The aim of PRISE was to contribute to a secure future for the European Union consistent with European citizens' civil rights – in particular privacy – and their preferences.

The European Union is going to expend considerable funding for research on and development of technologies and applications aiming at supporting inner security. These new technologies should not put civil – and in particular privacy – rights in danger, but find a balance between security and personal freedom which complies with the democratic values and the perception of European citizens. In order to support this, PRISE developed criteria and guidelines for privacy enhancing security research and for the application of the developed security solutions. As a supporting activity under the PASR programme the project provided assistance to the European Union in shaping forthcoming security research programmes in accordance with its fundamental values.


The PRISE project has concluded activities as a PASR project and all results are publicly available and can be downloaded from this website.

The PRISE Statement Paper provides a brief summary of the main conclusions. It was presented and discussed at the PRISE Final Conference “Towards privacy enhancing security technologies – the next steps” in Vienna in April 2008. It concludes what the PRISE team and the Advisory Panel members think needs to be done to protect privacy in a security-focussed world. The PRISE Conference Proceedings are also available.

The PRISE Report D6.2 – Criteria for privacy enhancing security technologies summarises the work of PRISE and provides guidelines and criteria for the development, implementation and use of Privacy Enhancing Security Technologies. See Publications section to get an overview of methodologies applied, supporting material used in the participatory activities and the full results of PRISE.

Several follow-up activities, aiming at the dissemination and implementation of the PRISE results on a European and on national levels have been conducted and/or are currently undertaken: this comprises presentations of PRISE results at key international security and privacy related conferences like SRC08 in Paris, NATSEC 08 Conference in Brussels, "Primero Seminario Internacional de Protección de Datos y Personalidad", 2008 in Madrid, or at CPDP 2009: "Data Protection in A Profiled World?", in Brussels and numerous national conferences and workshops as well as active involvement in European activities like ESRIF, cooperation with DG Research, offers to provide guidelines for national security research programs and involvement in security and privacy related political and public debate with the aim to promote security technologies, policies and measures in line with human rights.